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Motorcycle Packing Checklist
Pack lightly!

Motorcycle Packing Checklist

I don’t enjoy packing so much as I do making lists of everything I need to pack, weird? I think so too.
I hope you won’t take all the items from this list on your next adventure because, if you do, you will be really over packed, and I’m sure you don’t need all of it—be reasonable and travel light. When I first started touring I was carrying way too many things that I didn’t use or need. Learn from my mistakes.

Being organized on a journey like this is a must, as motorcycles have very limited space, especially if you are traveling two-up. Everyone has to build his own packing list to use, so I hope the huge list below will help you not to forget that super important thing you MUST bring on a motorcycle journey.
I have decided not to just give you my list and make you pack by it, as you will probably want to add and remove stuff from it. The list below is basically most of the things anyone would need on a motorcycle multi-day touring trip. So grab a paper and a pen, or do it digitally with some tools like Word or Excel (or something alike), and start making your own ultimate packing list, which you will use on all of your motorcycle journeys. So let’s get started.

Riding Gear

Safety is important, so don’t forget to equip yourself with adequate protection in case of an accident.

• Back protector
• Kidney Belt
• Earplugs
• Visor cleaner wipes + sponge
• Visor anti rain wipes

Riding Clothes

For touring purposes, wearing a one-piece leather suit is going to be a pain in the ass. Leave it for track days and get a comfortable two piece textile touring suit (Gore-Tex if your budget allows it) with ventilation options.

• Base layer pants
• Base layer long sleeve shirt
• Motorcycle helmet
• Motorcycle jacket
• Motorcycle pants
• Motorcycle gloves + spare gloves
• Motorcycle boots
• Buff (or some other neck/head wear/balaclava)
• Hi-Visibility vest

Casual Clothes

You should (if your budget allows you) avoid cotton materials all round, they get wet easy, and stay wet a long time. Most major brands contain some sort of super-fast drying materials like Nike Dri-FIT, Adidas CLIMACOOL, etc. For underwear, choose longer boxers also made of quick drying materials, less chance they will get wet, wrinkle and give you painful rash—long hours in the seat tend to do that. Take care of quantities regarding underwear and socks; those depend on the number of days your journey will last.
• Underwear (longer boxers)
• Light hiking socks
• Standard socks
• Long sleeved shirts
• Fleece
• Short sleeved T-shirts (Quick Dry)
• Jeans or tracksuit pants
• Shorts
• Sandals/flip-flops
• Sneakers
• Swimwear

Winter Clothes

• Winter cap
• Thermal socks
• Under gloves
• Additional layers for riding gear (if any)
• Scarf

Rain Gear

• One piece rain suit
• Rain over-gloves
• Rain over-boots
• Finger visor rain cleaner

Documents & Paperwork

• Personal ID card
• Passport
• Driver’s license
• Visas and other travel documents (If needed)
• Travel insurance
• Tickets if you have / need any
• Scanned copies of all of your documents in case you lose the originals or they get stolen, I also like to have everything in digital format on a small USB drive with me

Hygiene Stuff

• Toothbrush
• Toothpaste
• Deodorant
• Cotton Balls
• Eye Drops
• Dental Floss
• Shampoo
• Small liquid soap
• Razors
• Toilet Paper
• Nail clipper + scissors
• Baby powder (for monkey butt or rash)
• Baby wipes
• Standard wipes
• Antibacterial spray for helmet and riding clothes
• Small travel quick dry towel
• Laundry detergent
• 5m (16ft) fishing line for drying my stuff with a few clothes pegs
• Antibacterial wipes
• Skin lotion
• Comb or hairbrush


If you have something specific you need to bring for your allergies or any medication you might be on, be sure not to forget it.

• Pain pills
• Activated charcoal pills
• Repellent spray
• Sun cream
• Magnesium pills
• Vitamins
• Allergy pills
• Lip Balm
• Eye drops
• Paracetamol pills

Personal Stuff & Accessories

• Spare keys for ignition, luggage and disk lock
• Vacuum packing bags
• Travel hook scale
• Small backpack
• Sunglasses
• Eyeglasses
• Travel umbrella
• Bandana

Tools and Bike Spare Parts

• Chain spray
• Flat tire spray
• Plastic ties
• Duct tape
• Tire gauge
• Small set of tools
• Bungee nets/cords
• Small rubber hose 1m
• Rubber Bands
• Epoxy putty paste
• Motorcycle fuses
• Motorcycle bulbs
• Motorcycle manual
• Motorcycle full cover

Food & Supplies

• Smaller food thermo bag
• Travel knife/fork/spoon
• Energy bars and/or cookies
• Water bottle
• Instant coffee bags

Electronic Devices

• Hair blower
• Cell Phone
• Bluetooth intercoms
• IPad/notebook
• Chargers for everything
• Electric power extender (6 plugs)
• LED headlamp + standard LED flashlight + spare batteries
• Digital camera, camcorder + extra batteries, memory and gear

Camping Equipment

• Full tent with poles, pegs and ropes
• Sleeping bag
• Sleeping mattress
• Pillow case (stuffed with clothes for pillow)
• Garbage bags
• Ziploc bags
• Micro stove, fuel
• Pots and pans set
• Lantern
• Hatchet
• Collapsible chair
• Tent LED light

Security & Safety

• Small first aid kit
• Lighter
• Matches
• Multi tool/knife
• Alarm disc lock
• 2m (6,5ft) steel line with lock
• Side stand plate
• Binoculars
• Emergency blanket


• GPS unit
• Printed maps of the whole route
• Compass
• Pencil & paper

If you are carrying a pillion with you, be sure to double all of the necessary equipment. So there you go, I hope this helps you make your own packing list.

Do you think I forgot something important? Please share below.

Image: Ermess/Bigstock.com